The vegan and the dairy farmer

Once upon a time, there was a very opinionated Dairy Farm Managers Wife. She decided in a moment of madness that Home Educating her children was the way in which she could try and stop her eldest daughter being bullied into a mental condition. She marvelled at her new life and all the freedom it brought. Then she went to a Home Ed social group! All of a sudden she realised she was way out of her depth. Her children only wore wellies (complete with mud) on the farm and not to the bowling alley, her hair frizzed away quite happily without a deadlock in sight, she didn’t wear patterned, loose-fitting clothing and OMG duh duh duh she loved eating meat and dairy products.

Now the Dairy Farm Managers Wife was at a crossroads in her life. She didn’t fit in, and her personal issue with the unwashed who didn’t believe in discipline and a structured way of education meant that she became quite isolated.

To add to the stress the Mr. Dairy Farm Manager decided as his children no longer needed to stay in Gods own county of Pembrokeshire for their school, the world was his oyster and eventually got a job absolutely miles away from all that they knew.

The Dairy Farm Managers Wife now had a new problem! The new area they had moved to had a huge Home Ed community. Yes, I hear you cry. The Dairy Farm Managers Wife will no longer feel isolated and alone and surely the Northerners, without there communes and save-the-world ideals, will accept our opinionated and judgemental heroine.

Putting on her brave pants the Dairy Farm Managers Wife dragged her shell-shocked children and Mr. Dairy Farm Manager (for moral support) to a Home Ed group. But she made a mistake, she chose the wrong group to go to” Away ran the Dairy Farm Managers Wife to the isolation and safety of her house!

But knowing her shell-shocked children needed her to be strong she summoned up the courage to try again. She booked the girls onto a climbing session. She drove into the big city, scaring the shit out of herself in the process and hid with her sister where there was no one else. Damn it, those shell-shocked children they only went and enjoyed themselves and wanted to go again! The Dairy Farm Managers Wife could not believe it!!!!!! She had to go again without her sister for back up and it was cold so couldn’t hide outside. I know she said to herself I will take a book to hide in.

So off she went back into the big scary city, she went and sat in the café and proceeded to try and ignore everyone. IT DID NOT WORK! The Dairy Farm Managers Wife had so many questions in her head that she had to talk (eventually). Turns out that 2 out of 4 of the other mums were VEGAN and one of them had a shaved head!!!!!! Here we go again she thought. Being opinionated and judgemental the Dairy Farm Managers Wife made it clear from the start she had no time or patience for hippies and uneducated vegans. Weirdly she had no problem with them being a vegan cause she fully believes that everyone has a right to their own choices but that means that she also has a right to live the life she enjoys.

Well, bugger me if the vegans turned out to actually be quite nice. And the one with the shaved head, yep you guessed it they are now very good friends with utmost respect for each other’s choices. The vegan has been to the farm and played with the calves, she asks questions about what the farmers do so she can understand her decision better but can equally enjoy seeing the cows and calves and learn more about the industry from a farmers point of view, not through all the propaganda. The Dairy Farm Managers Wife has been to a vegan café which was not entirely successful but mainly because the person behind the counter was not impressed he had a farmer in his café.

So Pip this post if for you. For helping me become less judgemental and for helping me through some tough times while I adjusted to living in a completely alien environment where everyone talks funny. Also for your never-ending supply of love and positivity.


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