This heat

I read on the book of face today about how if temperatures get above 27 degrees centigrade that employers should be doing something about it to make sure their employees are comfortable etc.

Mmmmmmm good luck with that farmers of the world. It was so hot here yesterday that the cows wouldn’t leave the water trough cause it was the coolest place in the field. I hate to think how hot it was in the parlour. So while temperatures were over 30 degrees what happened on our farm? Did we go and sit in a nice cool paddling pool or hide in the house out of the sun? No of course not. Me personally I went out at 8 to muck out the horses and get them in so they were at least in the shade during the day. The rest of them well they got up at half 4 and milked the girls, then did the A.I.’s, they then wormed 80 calves and moved them to different fields. This is where I came in again. I was on my way to the post office and get a phone call. “Can you come and help us move the bull calves?” So I explained I was on my way to the post office to post the poo samples he had left sitting on my kitchen side since Friday, as they were cooking and starting to wiff so he would have to wait 20 minutes then I would. So I turn up on the yard in my shorts and flip flops and stand in my allocated spot. And yes I did end up standing in some freshly made poo in my new flip flops but that’s life hey???????

After lunch, the heroes that work here then traipsed back out into the heat and set up fences and got the girls into milk. It has to be said mainly black cows and temperatures as high as this don’t mix well the poor cows are struggling but we have a nice cold water mister at the back of the parlour and the clever ones stand there and get soaked while stringing out the time before they really have to actually get out of the way and go in the parlour. Due to the heat and the extra work it involves, milking started late and the exhausted men and one woman finally got to leave work at half 6. So that’s 14 hours working in the ridiculous heat all so the people of the world can have organic milk. Oh and because we love our jobs most of the time.

This morning I have once again been standing in gaps so more calves can be moved in good clothes as I was silly enough to think as I was going to town at half 10 it would be safe to get dressed in the dust-laden clothes in my wardrobe (they aren’t really covered in dust). But how nice to have a breeze and overcast sky. The relief on hubby’s face at it being cooler was hilarious.

Have a great day guys. xx


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