Water water everywhere.

Water it is the one thing in life everyone and everything needs. Coming to this farm has totally opened our eyes as to how much of a pain in the bum this life source can be.

This week has highlighted it for many different reasons. First and foremost is the cow’s water. We have put a borehole in and we have a very complicated minerals system with pumps and all sorts. This system is great the cows get all the minerals they need and it trips out if there is a leak!!!! Not so great at night, cause, then the water can’t get to the cows.

When we came to this farm it was always known that it would only be here for 20 years then, in all likelihood, the whole thing will be flattened and vegetables will once again show their heads. So the powers that be (hubby and boss) made the decision to lay all the water pipes on the ground rather than bury them. I agreed with this to a certain degree – more on that later.

This system works great till silage season. This week has mainly consisted of me getting phone calls to run to the nearest farmers shop and get multiples of different sized water joints. You see silage mowers and water pipes don’t mix, a bit like mowers and cats and pheasants its just messy. So the pump has been tripping out and hubby has been running around like a blue-arsed fly trying to find the leaks.

Then there are the few fields on the farm on mains water. The is no water pressure here and so last night at 5.30 I let the cows over to graze the cemetery fields and then at 9.30 hubby had to go out and convince them to come back over the road because the troughs couldn’t keep up and fill quick enough so the cows had no water. And tonight this will be repeated again.

Next is the dreaded irrigation. Anyone who knows Wales and particularly the South-West coast of Wales will know the main weather system is rain. Lots and lots of rain. The Yorkshire/Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire border??? No rain. Honestly, we have had less than 2 weeks worth in a year it’s absolutely fantastic for me not so good for growing grass. We also have mainly sandy soils. So sandy that when we dug the 5 metre deep slurry lagoon there was more sand than a beach. The diggers didn’t hit any rock at all!! So we have to irrigate. What a farce is that job? Eventually hubby and other boss sorted it out and last night as you looked over the hedges you could see 2 massive jets of water flying through the air. Hooray at last. So what happened?? The sky opened and we had a heavy rain burst.

Don’t you love it when twice in one week you get the opportunity to say told ya so? The first time was when I got to say “Well I did say you should bury the pipes in the fields to stop them getting damaged.” And second was last night when he said “I don’t believe it is raining!” and I said, “Seriously, there has been rain warnings on the weather for days didn’t you check?”

The feeling of satisfaction I get when he has to look and me and admit I am right carries me through.

That said tonight we are off to my mums for a family wedding tomorrow and hubby will have his first lie in and day off for 23 days. That’s 23 4 o’clock mornings!

Honey, you are a legend and as I have been right twice this week, we really appreciate what you do for us xxxxxx

Edited as he has to milk in the morning so it will be 24 mornings and I’ll be driving at 6 in the morning praying for no traffic on the motorways. Wish us luck.


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