A day out with a dairy farmer

The reality of living with someone who works on a dairy farm is probably completely different to how Joe Public thinks it is. On Friday we went to a family wedding. As expected it was a lovely day. My cousin looked beautiful but as the edited part on my last blog said the day didn’t start as planned.

We were supposed to be leaving on Thursday night but we ended up going on Friday morning as he wanted to help with milking before he left. So hubby got up at 3am and went to get the cows in. As we have a mostly heifer herd due to it being a new farm, they are going through their teenage stage. They would not get up early. It took nearly the extra hour hubby had tried to gain by getting up early, to get them out of the field! He told me they were all lying down and had no intention of getting up early. Even worse because of their early alarm they wouldn’t go through the parlour they just wondered about like half-asleep teenagers. As he was telling me I had visions of cows dressed like Kevin and Perry slouching down the sides of the parlour giving him evil looks and thinking “I hate you” said of course in a teenage attitude voice.

They are a funny herd of cows if they are hungry they let you know about it while they go through the parlour kicking and being stroppy, then if they are full they just fart at you and take things in their own sweet time.

Anyway, I got up at 6 so I could drive the 2 and a half hours to get to the wedding. I struggled I have to say. I am rubbish at mornings but the reason why is a different story. So during the course of the day, my hubby fell asleep in the car on the way there. Then he had a quick snooze on the sofa at my sisters. Once we got to the church I looked over to my left and he was again asleep. I sat there praying he wouldn’t snore. I did have to give him a nudge eventually cause he was head bobbing. My sisters thought it was hilarious.

We went off to the reception and I thought we have got to be ok now he’s had 3 naps. Oh no!! He then proceeded to head bob through the speeches and of course we were on a table with strangers and then he only went and fell asleep in the bar!! In the end, we gave up and took him home. I ended up sleeping on the sofa while he had my sisters motorhome to himself. I am sure he snored the place down quite happily but at least he had a really good nights sleep without me digging him in the ribs and had a massive lie in till half 8.

So now he’s back to milking after 5 years off I am getting resigned to the fact that as a couple we may not ever have a social life again if it means staying out after 9 o’clock. Either that or he has to accept he’s no longer 30 and needs to start going to bed earlier so he still gets a full nights sleep.


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