Horses and Zebras

Over the last couple of weeks, we have had a mystery on our hands. I brought my ponies some new fly rugs and they are zebra patterned ones. There is a practical reason for this as apparently, flies seem to dislike the black and white pattern more than the normal white rugs you can get and believe me up North there are a ridiculous amount of insects and my poor Southern ponies struggle with the constant attack they are under.

So anyway new rugs. Unfortunately, my ponies are ungrateful buggers and within days they had ripped the velcro all down the necks on the barbed wire that we have not yet had time to replace for the less destructive high tensile. So the necks on these rugs now flap about and look untidy. I’m fine with this as just flapping about the necks give a bit of protection.

But it seems someone in our village has a problem with them looking a bit of a mess. Twice I have been to the field and some helpful person has very neatly folded the flappy neck bit underneath the rest of the rug. Very confusing as everyone who is supposed to be on the farm generally ignores the horses and definitely wouldn’t tidy up the rugs. So I asked everyone who may have been near them, and no-one knows anything about it.

Last week we went on holiday and the girl who was looking after the horses had thought I was going mad when I had asked her if she had been tidying the rugs. In all her years of living in the village, no-one has ever touched her horses. So while we were away the text messages were getting more and more irate because she was experiencing the phantom rug adjuster daily.

In the end, she decided to deal with it and wrote a note which she loosely stitched to Honeys rug. We were crying laughing and all hoping that the rug adjuster would see the funny side and identify themselves so we could have a chat and we could explain to them why we are leaving the rugs flap.

So the next day she went to the field and bugger me if the phantom rug adjuster hadn’t tucked in the rug with the note and left the other!!!!! That dear readers is just pedantic and childish!

So now the ponies have got to go to a different field and all the children and dog walkers who enjoy saying hi to them will miss out because someone thinks its ok to trespass on private land and mess with someone else’s ponies. More annoying, is that whoever it is that’s doing it, is obviously comfortable around horses because they have to take Annie’s rug off to fold the neck underneath as neatly as they do because she’s so fat. So as a horsey person surely they wouldn’t like it if the shoe was on the other foot and someone was touching their horses.

On the plus side, we do now have a suspicion who it is and things should be sorted soon.


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