It’s Bull Time

This week the bulls have been given what they wait all year from. Access to the girls!!!! Every year this serves to remind us of a pack of bulls we had probably about 10 years ago now. I say pack not herd or group not because I am a bit stupid but because that’s exactly what they were a rather dangerous pack.

The three Shorthorns were known affectionately as the ‘Raptors’. We have never before or ever since seen any bulls act quite this sneakily, although last years Jersey boys came close. You see the Raptors were quite young only just turning 2 and as they were still slightly short in statue we were all a bit concerned about their success rate with the bigger cows. But the bulls the year before had gotten too big and dangerous so we had to source new ones. We needn’t have worried. One afternoon hubby went to the field a bit early as he knew a bigger cow was bulling (in season) and wanted to see if the boys were having any luck with her. What he saw defied anything he had previously believed. There she was standing patiently while one of the boys was jumping up and down trying to do the job. Unsuccessful the 3 Raptors began working as a team and herded this cow over to the telegraph pole at the edge of the field. Hubby watched in admiration as they positioned this cow in the dip that had been made around the pole from years of cows scratching on it and 2 of them stood to hold her there while the other got his back feet close to the pole where the ground was higher and hopped on to do his job. Those raptors over the 2 years they were there did a marvelous job and caught most of the cows that missed on A.I.

This year we have 5 bulls. 3 Salers who have been hanging out with the heifers and 2 bigger Herefords. The Salers are great little workers and now two of them have come over to hang out with the more mature ladies. The Herefords ………… we have a suspicion they may be gay!!!! They have come from a farm where they have lived in a shed as a group of boys only. So never seen or smelt a female in their two years of life. Very confusing for a young lad it is and bless them Herefords have never been the brightest or most energetic breed. It maybe time to put them with a small group of bulling girls who can force them into discovering the delights of doing it with a woman.

Poor things.



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