Pest Control v’s Cruelty

Sorry guys but this blog is a bit of therapy for me. If you don’t agree with me that’s fine but I am also allowed an opinion and that doesn’t make me evil or cruel.

What has kicked off this melancholy today? Well, it’s a picture a friend posted of Vinnie Jones’ picture of a very impressive lamping session. I am not upset by the picture, in fact, I feel very sorry for the landowner who had that many foxes on their land. They must have had hundreds of foxes for the lampers to manage to get that many in one night. The stock losses they must have suffered doesn’t bear thinking about.

What upsets me is the comments on the picture. I fully respect that many people think no animal deserves to be killed in its prime and I totally get that! Most farmers don’t want it either but calling someone vile, a twat etc without knowing them is quite frankly, horrible! But what really really gets me is people spouting fake information. Lamping and shooting foxes IS NOT illegal, it’s called pest control.

I get these people will never know the pain of loading your entire herd of 400 cows onto lorries less than a month before they calve to be slaughtered for having a majority reaction to the dodgy tb test that the government insists we carry out. They will never know the frustration of your brand new herd brought from a completely tb free area going down with tb 3 months after they arrive because no-one was allowed to test the badgers around the farm even though you had said time and time again that some previously empty badger sets had single badgers move into them over the last year.

And just incase you didn’t grasp the last paragraph, that’s 800 animals slaughtered cause we weren’t allowed to calve them first. The really sad thing is, a lot of them were false positives so over 80% died for nothing…. absolutely nothing. Tragic!

Fortunately for these preachers, they will never know how it feels to go out to get your lovely cows in the morning for milking and finding a cow whose gone down in the field with a calcium deficiency (which paralyses them) and so a pack of foxes (8 in one count) move in on her and eat her teats and vulva while she is alive and can feel the agony this would inflict. It is so hard to have to drive off to get something to help her knowing that as soon as you leave they will be back on her because you can see their eyes shining just on the edge of the lights from your vehicle. That cow now also has to be slaughtered. Is she a lesser being than the foxes? I argue they are equal in importance but a cow will never kill another animal for food! We personally have never made an effort to control rabbits for example. Yes, they eat the grass instead of the cows but they don’t hurt, injure or kill innocents.

They may never know the feeling of walking around the corner to find 19 dead chickens and the one survivor terrified in the corner of her house because you happened to get there before she was killed. She died anyway though stress and fear. And no people, they don’t just kill what they need because after the 60th chicken had been killed we left the dead ones there for them to take and a week later they had only taken 5 out of the 20!!!!!!! You try explaining to a 5 and 6 yr old why the foxes were killing their chickens when they don’t even want to eat them without inflicting prejudice. We gave up having chickens after that. 60 dead in 4 months and we tried everything to keep them out.

The only reason these things happen is that the population of the badgers and foxes isn’t controlled. Any overpopulation means more competition for food and so they have to encroach on the domestic animals as the roadkill is taken, sick rabbits etc are already taken.

Very few farmers want to kill badgers but as in our case, badgers will not allow an ill badger to stay in the sett if the rest of the sett is in danger of infection, therefore the tb infected badgers are kicked out and then move into empty setts.

This, unfortunately, is an argument that will never be solved as both sides are passionate. I have been asked by my vegan friend why the badgers aren’t tested and vaccinated? This does happen/is tried but if the anti’s find out they release the badgers from the trap before testing can be carried out. So what is supposed to be done? The antis won’t allow the kindest response so they are forced to cull as its quick and doesn’t leave a window of opportunity for sabotage.

It frustrates me that we have to be the quiet ones and myself particularly often find myself in a conversation I can’t actually voice my opinion in as I will be harshly judged. As the minority in my social group, it is expected that I have to accept people around me slagging off my beliefs because they don’t believe in them. Sometimes they are even wrong as they haven’t done the research from both sides of the argument and fully informed themselves of the situation. I am such a firm believer of this. Neither side is wrong and both stretch the truth to suit themselves. But in the middle is a happy medium where both sides can understand and work together. What a shame in this modern era very few are actually interested in this area. They would rather be fantasists and believe the worst of the opposite side.

So back to the original Vinnie Jones post. He isn’t a vile, sick individual. I would bet the majority don’t know him, therefore how can you make this statement? How can you paste someone you don’t know with such bad words? Do you know whether he purposely killed those foxes in a cruel way, did he injure and torture each one before making the kill shot? I am willing to bet that every shot him and his team made was taken to be a clean kill shot. Does he do nothing but murder animals? No, I am willing to bet he spends most of his time doing other stuff like you or me plus as a celebrity he works with the British Heart Foundation raising awareness and money.

So the moral is. If you don’t agree with it. Say nothing, try in this world to be kind and not feed hate there is too much in this world without decent people feeding the propaganda and evilness.

It just makes me very sad and very afraid.


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