Child Labour

Lately, we seem to be finding ourselves with no 2nd milker on Mr. Farm Managers Sunday afternoons on. This could be a problem (i.e. I would have to come out of milking retirement) except for the fact that our eldest daughter is a milking fan at the moment. So every other Sunday Mr. Farm Manager traipses off down the road with his mini-me following him full of excitement.

We are super proud of her as the milking is only slowed by 5 minutes on how long it would take if one of the other members of staff were milking with him. This is mega in a parlour like ours which goes on forever and requires constant movement which is not one of her strong points. But she gets paid a token amount as she has no choice really in helping him and it’s a great life lesson for her to learn about earning money.

This afternoon his entourage going down the road had swelled considerably. Our niece is staying with us and she loves coming here to get out on the farm. So Mr. Farm Manager had eldest daughter whos 13, youngest daughter whos 11 and doesn’t like milking so slightly confused why she went and niece whos 11. I revelled in the knowledge I probably had at least 2 hours of peace and quite ahead of me but did chuckle at the thought of the chaos that would be occurring at the milking parlour. I didn’t let what they were up to bother me too much though as I got to do a bit of gardening which I rarely get the chance to do. I got thrown off my pony on Friday so it was more painful than usual but I do love to see things tidy again. I then had a lovely long bath to soak away the aches. Today was one of those days where I envy those farmers and workers who live in the middle of nowhere as my gardening was accompanied by heavy rock music or something similar and then my bath had the soundtrack of next doors tv to disturb the peace. Who would have thought someone would need a tv so loud that the sound can be heard in the house next door. These mysteries still baffle me even after living in civilization for a year. I don’t think I will ever get used to the feeling of someone being in the house because of the noise of other people in their houses. Was definitely less nerve-racking living over a mile from your nearest neighbour when you are home alone and naked.

3.5 hours later all 4 of them have come barging through the door. Covered from head to foot in cow shit and smiling from ear to ear. What I hear you ask has made them smile when they are smelling so bad?????? Mr. Farm Manager has only gone and paid all 3 for their efforts!!!!!   The youngest daughter has proved to be her mother’s daughter – she cleaned his office, washed up and dried the millions of bowls and cups they have stashed up there for breakfast and sorted the cupboards. I have trained her well. She wanted to earn some money and doesn’t like getting shitty and smelly so she did the clean job he hates. So, so proud.


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