I met my husband 17 years ago at Harper Adams college while doing a HND in Agriculture and Animal Production. I have helped out on most of the farms he has worked on and managed (mainly in Pembrokeshire) and we love the grass based dairy industry. We have recently moved to South Yorkshire and set up a organic dairy farm on what was in September 2016 still an organic arable farm. Where our parlour now is there were pigs and none of the fields had fencing, water or even proper grazing grass. It has been a tough year but what has been achieved has been massive.

This blog is to hopefully show the funny and sometimes sad realistic side of a tough industry that gets a lot of bad press. I am very honest and say things like they are so this blog will not be for everyone and that is fine but please remember that everyone has opinions and other peoples views and beliefs are allowed and should be respected. I am happy to answer any questions or to expand on anything someone struggles to understand please just contact me via the contact tab at the top of the page.